Matthew Altonji


My tutoring style

I incorporate a relaxed tutoring style where I will push the student to do their best without adding undue pressure because I believe that too much stress over a subject or an exam is detrimental to success. To do so, I strive to get the student to realize they are capable in whatever area they struggle and make them want to get better and unlock their inner motivation to succeed. This is done by utilizing a personalized tutoring style where I teach to the students’ strengths and make them enjoy what they are learning and try to make a topic as relevant as possible to the students’ interests. Whether the student learns best by listening, doing, seeing, or some combination of the three, I have taught with every type and make sure to answer any questions the student has as fully and understandably as possible. If for any reason I cannot answer a question they have right away, I make it a point to research it and come back the next session with a full answer.

My Education

I graduated from Colgate University in 2017 with a BA in Neuroscience and minor in Biology. I have taken a wide variety of courses in subjects in STEM fields including biology, chemistry, psychology, neuroscience, statistics, social sciences and humanities. In high school, I have taken both the SAT and ACT, scoring in the top 10% on both and scoring a 5 on the AP Biology, Psychology, Calculus AB and US History exams.

My experience

For over six years, I have worked with dozens of high school student to prepare for the ACT and SAT in addition to subject tutoring that includes biology, chemistry, anatomy, physics, algebra I/II and pre-calculus. In college, I volunteered with Let’s Get Ready assisting four high school students from local and impoverished areas with SAT preparation. I acted as a mentor to the students by informing and assisting the students to make smart decisions for college and help them to see just how many opportunities there are for them despite what they originally believed.